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Our updated visual identity is designed to better reflect the kind of organisation we are: dynamic, global, transformational, diverse and inclusive.

If you are a YWCA Member Association, and you would like to adopt our new logo for your own use, please contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with the artwork.

What does the logo stand for? The updated logo maintains the original elements – the triangle and circle. In addition, it places emphasis on embracing change and demonstrates the connected nature of the World YWCA movement.

  • Blue triangle: represents body, mind and spirit
  • Blue circle: creates a feeling of movement and change; represents the globe and our connectedness
  • Ribbons: represent diversity and evolution with specific symbolic colours:
  • Blue: stability and tradition
  • Pink: a women’s movement
  • Green: growth, peace and care for the environment
  • Red: our power and passion for women’s leadership and rights
  • Yellow: our positive energy and outlook

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