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Since 2011, the World YWCA Board approved 5 key policy documents. The objectives of these policies are to provide clear guidelines on how as a movement we continue to strengthen our internal processes, grow our movement and provide each other with mutual support.

Affiliation Principles and Process: From Developing Group to YWCA Member Association – A Guidance Note English French Spanish

The Member Association Constitution Review Policy and Process English French Spanish

World YWCA Intervention in Member Association Disputes: Principles and Guidance Note English French Spanish

Disaffiliation of Dormant Member Associations: Policy and Process English French Spanish

World YWCA Child Protection Policy English French Spanish

World Council policies

The World YWCA Statements of Policy 1894-2011 is a compendium of all official statements made during the World YWCA Councils, the official legislative body of the YWCA movement.



The YWCA Standards of Good Management and Accountability (SGMA) are a set of Standards that represent a level of management and practice which exhibit quality, responsibility and accountability.

The YWCA name carries a level of credibility and quality as stated in its values and as practiced over a long history in many countries around the world. As a member of the World YWCA, a national YWCA has a constitutional requirement “to safeguard the reputation of the World YWCA through the practice of good management and accountability,” as well as to support and implement the policies adopted by the World Council. Through practicing ethical behaviors and reaching high standards of management and accountability, each YWCA work to maintain the credibility of every YWCA.

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