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The YWCA SA is an affiliated member of the World YWCA and derives its membership from affiliated Regional Associations, who in turn recruit their membership from their regional branches.


The YWCA SA pays its annual subscription fee to the World YWCA.  All affiliated Regional Associations accordingly, meet the following requirements:

  • Payment of affiliation fees to the National Association shall be made by the end of November of each year. Failure to do so will result in such members not participating during meetings.
  • We endeavour to have women who are committed to the purpose of the YWCA-SA of whom at least 25% must be aged thirty (30) years or under.
  • We are obliged to adhere to policies and programmes in accordance with standards of good governance, as approved by the World YWCA.
  • A person shall become a member after 6 months of active participation and payment of subscription fees.
  • A Woman shall become a full member after full payment of affiliation fees, active participation and payment of subscription fees.
  • An Associate Member, is any individual who does not meet all the conditions of the association

OBLIGATIONS FOR AFFILIATION                                                                                            

  • To participate and share in the work of the Association.
  • To keep the Association informed by periodic reports of current work and developments, including yearly financial statements to be presented at AGMs.
  • To quote the basis of the Association in their constitution, and to submit these constitutions and subsequent amendments to the National Association for approval. 
  • To contribute to the financial support of the Association and of the World YWCA through the National Association.


The YWCA is a voluntary organisation.  Its members volunteer their skills and time to the organization, and recruit volunteers from the communities they stay in because of the passion they have for the organisation.  Volunteers do not receive stipends, meaning we do not have in-house volunteers.

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